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In 2018, I easily translated my blog to the Astra theme. During the whole period of use, I remain satisfied with its functionality and convenience.

Not only am I happy. Look how many great reviews and downloads are in the official WordPress repository.

Why I went from Understrap to Astra

My blog was working on starting theme Understrap within a year or two, a fork of the famous Underscore (_s).

It is a beautiful, very fast Bootstrap 4 theme, which can use gulp and CSS preprocessors. I wrote a short review on the blog.

In my opinion, Understrap is ideal for converting ready HTML template to WordPress and for those who are familiar with the Bootstrap framework.

I realized I needed to use a ready-made solution, not very loaded, but functional enough and fast and easy to set up.

Astra is exactly the theme that I liked very much by its description. Also, it has excellent feedback from other developers and bloggers.

It only took me half a day to move and run it, most of which I spent on the excellent documentation and reviewing the plugins I used.

Astra offers a package of starting themes that will help you choose your initial design.

What are the advantages of using Pro

Should you buy an additional Astra Pro extension?

You can see all of the plugin features on the official site. I’m going to share the ones that I enjoyed and that have easied the process of setting it up.

Manage color, background, typography, and indentation

It is an essential website configuration area. There are control elements for almost all content and layout.

You can set typography, colors, and background to:

  • General contents, headings, links, and buttons;
  • site identity, logo, and name;
  • posts and archives;
  • sidebar;
  • footer.

Sticky header

The heading can be made transparent and “sticky”. It is also possible to add custom headers and manage their display on different pages of the site.

Blog pro

The module helps you select a blog as a grid, list, or tile and configure the metadata display.

Custom layouts

Another exciting and useful feature in the Astra Pro module, you can use a hook to insert custom code into any part of the site without templates editing!

Do you want to insert a block of related posts, social network buttons, widgets, custom blocks in any area? – It is easy!

Astra will help you create the layout that you need and save you time on implementation, helping to focus on creativity.

You can also use a page builder in custom layouts as on other website pages.

I gave an example of some of the Astra pro modules. But the features list is much more extensive. For each module, there is a page that shows you how to use it.

With the Astra theme, you will forget the optimization, performance, and further maintenance and updating problems. I know what a headache it is on other themes.

You might think I’m overestimating Astra. But she deserved it.

Buy premium functionals and use them in your project.

Who can choose Astra theme

The theme is universal. You can build a site of any type, from a small blog or store to a large business portal and learning platform.

The Astra theme is ideal for agencies, instructors, photographers, freelancers, portfolios, and services and helps you create a high-quality interaction with the audience.

Write your comments, share your impressions, ask questions.

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